No detail has been overlooked:

  • The teak seat, and storage shelf,  has slats that provide a modern feel, but also allow water do drain through the slats.    Water will not pool on the seat surface blemishing the finish like solid wood versions of this style.
  • The Spa shower benches and stools are constructed of high quality thick solid sustainably harvested teak wood.   This is why these benches will weight between 18 and 34 pounds each!
  • The Spa shower furniture has been treated with our proprietary indoor and outdoor stain that deeply penetrates into the wood itself.   Our Deco Teak stain has integrated biomolecular mold, fungus, and mildew inhibitors.   It has been engineerted to resist the harshest of environments, both indoors and outdoors.   This contrasts with surface treatment methods such as teak oil, which only adhere to the surrface of the teak.   This provides for a longer
  • All furniture uses galvanized (coated) stainless steel hardware and fittings for maximum rust and corrossion resistance.
  • All of our Asia benches and stools come with an integrated storage shelf for your toiletries, accessories, and storage.

Although we heavily market these products as shower bathroom furniture products, these are 100% suitable to use in other areas of your contemporary home, or outdoors.    They can be used as:

  • vanity stools
  • extra seating for guests
  • display of home decor accessories
  • home decor accents for any room- bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, family room, play room, patio, deck, or outdoors. 
  • bathroom organization and storage
  • Shoe bench and racks for hallway entryway benches
  • kitchen shelfs and organization
  • commercial use for locker rooms and public sitting areas

All Spa benches and stools come with our unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and are backed by our full five year warranty.