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Espalier® Lattice


Our Espalier™ Lattice family of teak shower benches and stools provide a contemporary modern elegance to your shower, bathroom, or den.   The lattice pattern, also referred to as grate is a timeless pattern that has been used throughout time in both architecture and furniture.   At every point in history you can find a myriad of examples of the lattice or grate pattern used in a variety of architecture and furniture.   It is a timeless classic style for bathroom furniture that fuses with traditional, or contemporary designs.  


  • Adjustable Height Foot Leveling Pads- Each model has adjustable height foot pads that adjust for mild slopes in floors to provide extra stability and safety
  • Slatted Seats- Provide water drainage so water does not pool on the surface of the teak
  • 100% Solid Teak Wood- Sustainably harvested solid teak wood
  • Factory Stained- Stained with a durable rich brown stain
  • LIFTAIDE™ ARMS- Available as an option on several models for ease in getting in and out of the benches
  • Matching teak shower mats available in two different sizes

We have named this family of teak benches -"Espalier™".

es·pal·ier  /ɪˈspælyər, -yeɪ/  [ih-spal-yer, -yey] - a trellis or framework on which the trunk and branches of fruit trees or shrubs are trained to grow in one plane.  Origin:   1655–65;  < French, Middle French:  trellis • (888) 965-0070