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DecoTeak® is proud to offer the largest line of 18" teak shower benches in the industry. Regardless of your style and tastes you are sure to be able to find a 18" teak shower bench that will fit perfectly with your bath or bathroom decor. Whether your bathroom is in traditional or contemporary decor you will find a teak shower bench that fuses perfectly with your desire.   

Functionally our teak shower benches offer a blend of function and design beauty. Many of our products feature ergodynamic deisgn features such as arms to aid in mobility. Most all of our teak shower benches also come standard with non slip leg leveling pads. These allow you to adjust the height of the teak shower bench to accomodate mild slopes in floor surfaces.  

Our teak shower benches are treated with a proprietary indoor outdoor stain that is a deep penetrating stain. We apply 3 coats of stain so that it will deeply penetrate into the surface of the wood grains. Most teak bathroom furniture products are sold with a teak oil stain, that is only a topical surface treatment that only coats the surface of the teak wood.  

Allo of our teak shower benches come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee as well as a full five year warranty. We pride ourselves on our quality, and our leading edge ergodynamic designs. • (888) 965-0070