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Boat Wood

recycled boat wood furnitureDecoTeak® unique salvaged reclaimed boatwood furniture benches have been manufactured out of a combination of recycled Indonesian fishing boats and solid reclaimed teak wood.   The wood for these unique chic one of a kind furniture pieces are made from old fishing boats, old homes, bridges, and other architectural treasures.   The wood is naturally aged with the personality of the original wood complete with cracks, holes, nail holes that give these pieces their unique personality.   No two products are ever the same, and reflect the original materials that the pieces came from.   These furniture pieces are crafted in small rural seaside village on the island of Java by craftsmen that have often been making furniture for several generations.

The boatwood benches can be used either indoors or outdoors as accent pieces, display, or functional benches.   The combination of rustic recycled boat wood and reclaimed solid teak give the benches a shabby chic feel that will accent both modern, traditional, transitional, nautical, or rustic decors.   Use these indoor outdoor teak and recycled boat wood benches in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, patio, or garden.   Since they are made of both authentic salvaged fishing boat wood, and reclaimed salvaged teak wood they will weather the elements.

recycled boat wood furnitureEach DecoTeak® piece is unique and handcrafted by our village craftsmen.   No two pieces are identical in color, or wood.   Each bench is manufactured from recycled boat wood that derive from boats washed ashore during the Tsunami, or older boats that would normally be destined for firewood or the junk yard.   We reclaim  and salvage these old fishing boats and utilize the wood to make modern furniture pieces of our own design.    In Asia traditional fishing boats are multi colored and the pride of the family that owns them.   Each piece of furniture retains the original coloring of the boat it is made from and will vary in color from piece to piece.  No two benches are identical, and each piece is a work of art in themselves.

recycled boat wood furnitureEvery piece of DecoTeak® recycled boat wood furniture will bear the personality and characteristics of the boat from which it was manufactured by our craftsmen in Indonesia.  The boat wood is processed but we retain the rustic feel and nature to it.   These have been crafted within Decoteak's unique contemporary furniture designs.  The boat wood will be rough to the touch, and might include nail holes, non-structural cracks, and other roghness as found in the original boat material.   

Typically you would furniture like this in boutique high end stores in arts districts, or interior design studios.   By traveling to Indonesia and purchasing these directly from the crafts people we are able to offer these products to the public at a fraction of the price of what you would find equivalent pieces at in boutique furniture and design studios.   We proudly import these directly from small workshops in Indonesia that we have established relationships with.

If you are remodeling a restaurant, hotel, or commercial enterprise we can work with our village craftsmen to create stunning one of a kind furniture in a variety of sizes, forms and shapes.   Please contact us to discuss your commercial project using our skilled vilalge craftsmen to create one of a kind master pieces to grace your establishment and awe your customers. • (888) 965-0070