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These patented benches are rafted from salvaged reclaimed recycled boat wood. The product eclectically fuses a contemporary modern elegant feel with a rustic chic that will eclectically mesh with a variety of home decor styles from traditional to modern. Theses products can be used either indoors or outdoors. The benches use real salvaged Indonesian fishing boats. During the Tsunami over 13,000 fishing boats were ruined. Rather than scrapping the wood the innovative Indonesian handicraft industry is utilizing these by making them into furniture products. You can feel good about purchasing these, since they are eco-friendly as not a single tree was harvested to make these products.  
Every single product is unique and different in coloring depending upon the original color of the fishing boat. Colors are attractive and will add a unique accent to your home decor. The solid recycled boat wood bench provides a long lasting durable furniture product that your friends and family will delight in.
Normally you would only find items like this in high end interior design boutiques.
  • Contemporary combination of recycled boat wood and teak
  • Each piece is individually crafted and unique, no two alike
  • Colors will vary depending upon source of boat wood
  • Recycled Asian boat wood from boat wrecks from Tsunami
  • Indoor outdoor use, bench, storage, display, hallway
  • Unique Patented Design- D717,053

Dimensions:   18" tall x 13" wide x 20" length

Materials:  Salvaged recycled boat wood

Comes with leg leveling pads to adjust for mild slopes in floors.

Constructed by our village craftsmen in Indonesia. There are hundreds of manufacturers of teak and other furniture in Indonesia. There are only a handful of craft workshops that specialize in transforming old boats, and old buildings into one of a kind unique furniture pieces. We found this workshop during our travels to Indonesia in a small rural seaside village on the island of Java in Indonesia. This small rural workshop specializes in boat wood furniture and their crafts people have  been working in crafts, furniture, or wood carving for several generations. We buy directly from the workshop and import ourselves allows us to remove any middle men or distribution chain. Normally you would find products like these in small boutique interior design stores, high end furniture stores, or gift shops for 3-4X the price that we are offering it direct to the consumer at.

Some Assembly Required

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