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DecoTeak Espalier™ Teak Shower Bench with LiftAide 24" length ergonomic teak shower bench, with included storage shelf, provides a combination of comfort and elegance to your shower, bathroom, patio, or living area. The classic grate pattern aids a contemporary modern feeling to the furniture similar to modern Scandinavian designs. Extensive clinical research has shown that by simply providing arms to assist in lifting out of a chair, the added leverage can increase efficiency by almost 200%. The LiftAide arms are designed to be sturdy, and steady to provide that added support and assistance when lifting out of the shower chair. They also provide a handy surface for hanging towels on, and the bench can double as a towel rack once you are out of the shower. An included utility shelf provides additional storage and easy access for your toiletries, or other essential items. The teak stool is 24" in length by 13" width, by 18" high. Teak is naturally water, mold, and mildew resistant due to its natural density and high oil content. It has been the wood of choice for hundreds of years of luxury boat builders.  It provides the ability for this teak furniture to be used outdoors as well as indoors. All DecoTeak stools and benches come standard with leveling pads to provide added stability to compensate for any sloped surfaces such as shower floors, and patio floors.

Lift Aide Shower Chair Ergononic Background:

Moving from standing to sitting, and sitting to standing, is one of the most common tasks we perform everyday, and usually taken for granted. However, as we get older, it is also a surprisingly physically challenging task, especially for mobility impaired, elderly, or arthritis sufferers. Significant clinical research has shown that traditional chairs, with a typical height of 17”-18”, place significant stress and strain on both the hips and knees. Extensive research has shown that two simple chair interventions can greatly reduce the stress placed on the body when moving from sitting to standing positions:

  1. Providing arm rests to allow the arms to lift, or support the body when transitioning from sitting to standing positions.
  2. Raising the height of seats to 23”. This height was found to be optimal to reduce the strain, and increase the efficiency to rise or sit down in a chair several fold.

ergonomics teak chairWith the new DecoTeak™ product line our design team incorporated leading ergonomic research into elegant contemporary designs. Research has shown that the use of arms when going from a seating to a standing position can decrease the strain on muscles, and joints and provide up to 300% increased mobility. Almost all of the DecoTeak™ benches and stools are designed with built in arms to allow customers to conveniently grip the arms as they lift themselves out of the seats. This also provides added safety in a shower environment. This will provide greater comfort, mobility, and safety not only for elderly, but for all of us. The added ease and benefits of the LiftAide™ designs provide universal benefits, whether you are 82, or 23 years old.   

Several of our benches and stools are being offered in the Lift Aide™ Extended Height versions. Clinical research has shown the optimal height of chairs and stools to be 23”. These extended heights will provide great benefits to the elderly and mobility and impaired, as well as the general population.

Warranty & Registration:
Please register your DecoTeak, Eco Decors and CoastalVogue products for warranty at decoteak.com/warranty.html. If purchased directly from our company or new from an authorized re-seller, products carry a 5-year warranty for home use, and 1 year for commercial use. Products are guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, and construction only. Excluded are normal wear and tear, including finish wear, surface cracks that are not structural, and existence of mold. Please use our recommended care instructions to prolong the life of your finish and product. Maximum warranty is limited to one replacement item of same or similar if product has been discontinued. Warranty resolution is at the sole discretion of E&T Horizons, and photo and proof of purchase or warranty registration will be required to submit a claim. 


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Nice product, and sturdy too- love the handles

Lynda K- TX on 8th Dec 2012

Very nice shower bench. The handles make it feel more secure. Looks nice, too.