DecoTeak Oasis™ 2-Tier Teak Corner Shower Shaving Foot Stool and Shelf

DecoTeak Oasis™ 2-Tier Teak Corner Shower Shaving Foot Stool and Shelf

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This FULLY ASSEMBLED Oasis DecoTeak 18 inch height teak 2-tier corner teak shower shaving foot stool is compact enough that it can actually be placed in the corner of your shower. The included foot leveling pads allow you to assure a level surface for sloped shower floors. The 18" foot stool height also provides a convenient surface to rest your leg on while shaving. No more clutter of shampoo bottles, soaps, and other shower accessories jumbled on your small shower shelf. The shelf on this two tier solid teak corner unit provides added storage and organization space for your shower. The 18" height is an ideal height to rest your foot on while you shave. The small footprint will fit in almost any shower, including those with limited space. 

It also fits great in the corner of your bathroom for those extra toilet paper rolls, towels, magazines, and even your favorite reading book. The corner design is the most effective use of space in limited space areas, as most everybody has one under utilized corner. You can even place it in the corner on top of your kitchen counter. We know every kitchen has an underutilized corner. How many times have you thought that there should be a shelf that you can place all those loose coffee pods, or tea boxes? Or better yet as a great display area to put those pictures of your beautiful kids or grand kids? Or perhaps for a display space for that beautiful little cloisonne vase you bought on your last trip to China? The home storage and organization possibilities are endless.

Did we mentioned that this would make a great house warming gift, baby shower gift, wedding gift, get well soon, or welcome home gift?   Combine it with candles and spa items to give the full feeling of luxury that a teak corner shelf provides.

Dimensions:  LWH: 12" x 12" x 18" 
Finish:  Stained a rich brown color in an tough indoor outdoor stain
Adjustable Feet:  Included for leveling on uneven surfaces
Water Drainage:  Slats in shelves provide for ease of water drainage.
Material:  100% Solid Sustainably Harvested Teak Wood
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:  30 days
Shipping:  FREE within continental USA

Teak is naturally water, mold, and mildew resistant due to its natural density and high oil content. It has been the wood of choice for hundreds of years of luxury boat builders. You will find that teak has been used on boats and yachts for hundreds of years. In fact this is why there are teak plantations on Indonesia. The Dutch planted these plantations so they would have teak wood to use on their boats, and available for export to use in Danish furniture. This natural resistance has been supplemented by using our proprietary DecoTeak stain which is a deep penetrating stain with added mold, mildew, and fungus inhibitors. It provides the ability for this teak furniture to be used outdoors as well as indoors.

Our products are made on the island of Java, in a rural coastal seaside town. They are made in small workshops, often times with natural (dirt) floors. Our craftspeople take great pride in the products they produce, and have often worked in furniture, handicrafts, and woodcarving for several generations. We are pleased to work with these local rural craftspeople, and do our best to assure the quality with quality inspection staff based in Indonesia, as well as doing 100% inspection again prior to shipment in the USA. In the rare instance there is a problem with one of our products we promise to promptly take care of any issues with old world, personal customer service that will remind you of the way things used to be before the internet, and before customer service was outsourced. When you call us you are talking directly to the owner, not to a customer service agent in a foreign country. 

Warranty & Registration:
Please register your DecoTeak, Eco Decors and CoastalVogue products for warranty at If purchased directly from our company or new from an authorized re-seller, products carry a 5-year warranty for home use, and 1 year for commercial use. Products are guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, and construction only. Excluded are normal wear and tear, including finish wear, surface cracks that are not structural, and existence of mold. Please use our recommended care instructions to prolong the life of your finish and product. Maximum warranty is limited to one replacement item of same or similar if product has been discontinued. Warranty resolution is at the sole discretion of E&T Horizons, and photo and proof of purchase or warranty registration will be required to submit a claim. 

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Free shipping on all orders in continental USA


30 day money back guarantee!


Quality, Value, Beauty, Design Elegance


100% Certified Sustainable Plantation Teak

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