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The Mystique of Mid Century Modern Furniture

The Mystique of Mid Century Modern Furniture

Posted by Eric Gelman on 4th Apr 2019

MidCentury Modern seems to have steadily become the new vogue style that is migrating from boutique chic hotels, and Hollywood movie stars’ homes to mainstream America. This style denotes furniture that is etched in style originating from 1933 to 1965. No matter where you turn, whether it be architecture magazines, movies, TV shows (Mad Men, NY Million Dollar Listing…), or home decorating magazines it seems that MidCentury Modern is dominating the style trends of today.

MidCentury Modern is characterized by simplicity combined with a modern contemporary style. Dining tables and chairs have a characteristic pencil legs and sharp angles. On the other side lounge chairs either have defining angular straight lines combined with thick pillows and sharp stunning colors characteristic of that era.

There is much debate whether this style is a new fad, or here to stay. The fact that it has been slowly building in popularity over the last twenty years, would seem to make a statement that it is a long term trend that is here to stay. If you say “MidCentury Modern” to any interior designer they will immediately know what it is and how prominent it has become within the design community, especially within hospitality and contract furnishings.

However if you say “MidCentury Modern” to the average consumer they will likely not have heard the term before. If you show them the characteristic styles and patterns of this era, and point out how ubiquitous it is within design magazines, and home magazines they will know the styles, both from the present, and likely from their childhoods, and younger years (depending upon the age of the audience).

EcoDecors is pleased to introduce its line of MidCentury Modern indoor outdoor solid teak tables and chairs. This line of furniture exudes the design qualities of Mid Century Modern that has made it so iconic. Elegant lines combined with enhancements of curvilinear design accents. The folding chairs are simplistic but yet with refined complex elements. Simple or complex? Elegant or traditional? Now you know why Mid Century Modern furniture is so timeless.