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​The impacts on bath and shower design of the Aging in Place movement

​The impacts on bath and shower design of the Aging in Place movement

Posted by Eric Gelman on 17th Feb 2020

More and more Americans are choosing to “Age in Place”. What does this mean, and what is its impact on bath designers, builders, and providers of bathroom furniture, shower seats, grab bars, and other safety equipment?

Agingin Place with Style

“Aging in Place” is the choice of  elderly person(s) to stay in their primary residence, rather than going to assisted living, nursing home, or living with relatives. This provides a sense of comfort, control, and well being, because it is the home and environment a person has known for an extended time period.

However it does present challenges, which the building industry, interior designers, remodelers, and providers of bathroom and shower products, such as us, are taking into account in the newest generation of shower and bathroom benches, seats, and safety.

Aging in Place Safely

As a person ages, the home should be adjusted to account for the natural aging process. Different people will age in different ways, and at different rates impacted by genetics, diet, lifestyle and many other factors. However nobody can not have aging impacts on their body and lives such as:

  • Reduced vision
  • Decreased muscle strength or endurance
  • Reduced mental processing capabilities
  • Increased risk of falls due to balance
  • Increased risk of illness
  • Reduced hearing
  • Decreased mobility

The aging factors in maroon above can all increase the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom and shower. Having an organized plan for accommodation and adaptation of the bathroom and shower environments to both accept, and plan for the natural aging process will provide for a safer, and more comfortable environment.

SwapAble Shower Seats, Grab Bars, & MoreThe new Innovato line of bathroom seating, grab bars and safety products have been designed to both provide the safety required for Aging in Place Plans, but also to provide unparalleled designer beauty to your bathroom and shower. Just because you are Aging in Place doe not mean that you can not have an elegant attractive looking shower and bathroom, rather than looking like a medical facility. The unique SwapAble line of Innovato allows for seniors to plan ahead and prepare for their planning for aging in place, at any point in their lives. Something as simple as installing the SwapAble shaving foot stool, can provide instantly the ability to add the attractive SwapAble interchangeable seat at any point in the future. Nobody knows how you are going to age, however why wait until the need presents itself, with a potentially large renovation project when you can plan ahead with the Innovato line of safety shower seats, grab bars, and bathroom furniture.