Rugged carefree and stylish plastic shower benches

Rugged carefree and stylish plastic shower benches

1st Mar 2019

Say What? We are introducing 100 percent polypropylene indestructible recyclable shower benches? After spending almost eight years being one of the market leaders in teak shower benches and stools, you might wonder what caused us to make this move?

Our teak shower benches are classy, stylish, and make a design statement in your shower, bathroom, or wherever you place them. However, they do require periodic maintenance and upkeep. Historically plastic shower furniture has been synonymous with medical looking home health furniture, and appeared cheap. We searched the world looking for a sturdy, but yet elegant and stylish plastic shower bench that would appeal to customers that wanted a completely carefree and durable solution for shower seating

The Design by Intet® shower bench has been manufactured and designed by a talented industrial designer in Spain. Our partner is a 3rdgeneration family owned company that has been producing innovative household consumer product since the 1930’s.

These products do not look like your typical plastic medical shower furniture. The have a faux stylish decorative wood grain on the surface. The design resembles the “slats” of our other teak shower stools. They come in 3 stylish colors, white, brown, and gray. NO MAINTENANCE is required other than the occasional rinsing off of the shower bench. Common soaps and shampoos will not penetrate the surface and will not harm the finish.. The polypropylene shower stools are virtually indestructible and carry a limited lifetime warranty. And did we mention that they are independently laboratory certified to hold up to 286 pounds.

And the best news of all is the suggested retail selling price is $39.95, shipped fully assembled!

We are currently looking for expanded sales and distribution partnerships in North America for these products. If you are interested in carrying these in your store, or showroom also please contact us by clicking here.