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Innovato™ Line of Shower Chairs, and Grab Bars  is Best of KBIS Finalist

Innovato™ Line of Shower Chairs, and Grab Bars is Best of KBIS Finalist

Posted by Eric Gelman on 17th Feb 2020

Best of KBISWe are pleased that that our new line of Innovato™ line of Aging in Place  shower and bathroom safety furniture was awarded Best of KBIS Finalist by a panel of professional industry jurors.   KBIS is the largest industry kitchen and bath trade show where all major leading brands showcase their new products to the trade for the year.   Some of the major kitchen and bath suppliers entered their new innovative products introduced within the last 12 months.  

Aging in Place Shower Chairs

The Innovato™line was chosen due to both it's unique beauty, functionality, and design innovation.    The beauty is unsurpassed, providing a modern industrial designed aerodynamic look.   The functionality provides safety shower seating, and accessories both for elderly, mobility impaired, and consumers of all ages that prefer having a seat in the shower.   The design innovation is that the seats can be removed when not in use, and replaced with functional accessories such as shaving foot rests, shelves, grab bars, and towel racks.   All these features make this line of shower chairs ideal for the burgeoning Aging in Place movement. 

As the American population ages, and more Americans reach retirement age, providing both safe and beautiful shower and bathroom environments has become of paramount importance.   The trend of Americans "Aging in Place" has been a strong driver in bathroom designs, as older Americans plan for both their present and future needs.    In addition many builders are finding that they are designing and building homes, and bathrooms, with the needs of "3 generations under one roof" in mind.