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​Bathroom & Kitchen Color Trends

​Bathroom & Kitchen Color Trends

1st Mar 2019

During the recent KBIS show we were on the lookout for indicators of emerging color trends in the bathroom and kitchen marketplace. Being surrounded by kitchen and bath solid surface exhibitors and cabinetry companies gave us the opportunity to solicit opinions form the leaders in the industry. One consensus we did hear from many exhibitors we talked to is there is no tsunami of a major industry wide trend. Rather there is a large microcosm of color and style trends within the bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, and surfaces.

In terms of solid surfaces for bathrooms and kitchens exhibitors stated that many color trends are both geographic specific, as well as different with different ethnic groups. The white, gray, and black kitchen and bathroom solid granite, and quartz surfaces are still in vogue, and do not appear to be phasing out anytime soon. Some bathroom solid surface suppliers mentioned there is a micro trend in the upper income new homes, and remodels in Southern California that are using very bright colored stones. Kitchen and bathroom color décor will depend more on personal preference rather than a major trend reshaping the industry.

The cabinetry colors are more diverse. At the KBIS show there was a mixture of traditional grays, whites, blacks, and the natural tones with strong wood grains. There was a few instances of manufacturers introducing a strong blue tone to cabinets. It is unknown if this color introduction will stay around or not. It goes without saying, that I could not find any other providers of solid wood cabinetry without the use of veneers used over MDF, particle board, or plywood.

Independent of colors there was a strong emphasis on sustainably harvested materials, and materials that were certified as eco sustainable (versus self claims of suppliers). Many visitors to our booth asked us if our teak shower and bathroom furniture had independent certification. All of E&T Horizons products carry the legal wood certification label issued by the Indonesian government.

The introduction of the EcoDecors family of solid teak wood bathroom vanities, mirrors, and linen closets is one of the only solid wood offerings in the industry. Teak wood is a very dense water resistant wood, so being a pioneer migrating the use of teak wood from the shower to bathroom cabinetry is something we are quite proud of. Our EcoDecors finish accentuates the natural beauty of the teak wood showing the natural color variations and grains. To further provide a high quality finish we use top notch soft close drawers. We have elected not to sell our teak bathroom vanities with supplied tops so that customers can purchase their own solid surfaces to meet their individual (and ethnic tastes). The EcoDecors bathroom vanities will accommodate both above counter decorative sinks, and below counter sinks.