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Teak Care

Maintaining & Cleaning Teak Furniture


Regular cleaning of your teak wilt help prevent mildew build-up and potential discoloration. A quick wash with mild dish soap and water usually does the trick. Make sure to use a soft plastic brush as metal brushes can scratch and damage the wood's surface. Some harder to-clean stains can be removed with our Loveable Teak Cleaner (Recommended for DecoTeak and EcoDecors products)

To begin, clear a space to clean your furniture.

Apply your cleaning mixture to the teak item using a soft plastic brush and scrub into the wood as you apply. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. When cleaning is complete, allow the bench to dry. After the bench is completely dry apply some of our own Loveable Teak Oil (Recommended for DecoTeak and EcoDecors products) 

Please be sure to follow the instructions and wipe any excess oil from bench.