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Elliptical shaped grab bars benefits on grip strength

Elliptical shaped grab bars benefits on grip strength

Posted by Eric Gelman on 7th May 2020

Design By Intent's SwapAble® Ellipso® grab bar line have an elliptical shape.   These have been designed to provide superior ergonomics for grip strength.   As we age grip strength tends to be weaker.    Research has shown that elliptical shaped cylinders can provide 58% greater torque force than circular cylinders.  

Elliptical Grab Bar Grip Strength


Showers and bathrooms are one of the most dangerous and injury prone areas of the home for individuals of all ages, but especially for seniors.   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that over 235,000 people visit the emergency room (ER) every year due to injuries suffered in the bathroom.   Of these over 1/3 are due to slips and falls.   

Grab bars should be placed in strategic areas of vulnerability to slips and falls in the shower and the bathroom.   Grab bars provide multiple points of safety and support when transferring location or transitioning from a sitting to a standing position.  Grab bars should be placed next to the toilet, which is one of the highest injury incident rates for senior citizens.  They should also be place strategically in the shower to aid both movement in and out of the shower, stability while bathing, as well as a support aid when transitioning from a sitting to standing position.  per placement of grab bars can significantly increase the safety of the bathroom and shower.   

Design By Intent provides a comprehensive line of elliptical shaped grab bars.  These are available in both an attractive black, or white finish.   These grab bars present a stylish elegant look for a homeowner or commercial institution that is looking for a designer look and feel to compliment their bathroom decor, rather than a medical institutional look.