Corner Teak Shower Bench


DecoTeak® corner teak shower benches provide maximum functionality with limited space utilization.   A teak corner shower bench is the best design option when space is at a minimum, or if you want a shower chair tucked out of the way.    The teak corner shower bench can function as a shower seat, storage shelf, or as a foot rest to use when shaving.    Almost all of our teak corner shower furniture comes complete with an integrated storage shelf.   The teak corner bench design also allows it to be used in the corner of a bathroom for stoarage of bathroom accessories, toilet paper, towels, or toiletries.   Some customers have also told us that they have placed these units in the front hallway for guests to use while they are putting on and taking off their shoes.  The corner teak shower chair can also double as a nice small end table.  The uses are as limitless as your imagination.

All of our corner teak shower benches also come with independent foot leveling pads.   This allows independent leveling of each foot to account for minor slopes in shower floors, and patio decks.  This also raises the legs off the floor so that the teak wood is not sitting in standing water.   An additional benefit is that they rubber pads are slip resistant providing further safety in the shower.   Many of our corner shower chairs also have a middle leg for added support rather than just having two legs on each side.   Customers have reported that they really appreciate the extra support the middle leg provides on our teak shower chairs.

Our teak shower benches come prestained from the factory with a rich dark finish that has both mold, mildew, and fungus inhibotors applied within the stain.   We utilize a proprietary deep penetrating stain that has been designed for the harshest of environments including outdoor decks, bridges, buildings, and gazebos.   This will allow the finish to retain its rich color much longer than surface treatment stains such as teak oil.  

The teak corner shower bench comes both in the traditional 18" size, as well as an extended height 23" version.   The extended height corner shower chair has been shown through extensive clinical and ergodynamic research to be the optimum height to increase lift efficiencies, and decrease bodily stress when transitioning from a sitting to standing position.