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Ellipso Multi-Function

Ellipso specialty grab bars combine several functions in one stylish form.   Designed to fit your multi-tasking busy life.   Who only does one thing at a time.   Our designer luxury grab bars took into account all the things you need to have handy within arms reach while you are doing your business.   Whether it be your purse, or your roll of toilet paper.   No longer do you have to search.   No longer do you have to wonder where to hang your purse as you run to the bathroom.   Our goal is to combine simplicity, functionality and beauty in your life.   These specialty grab bars are part of the larger Ellipso family.   Coordinate with other Ellipso family products in your bathroom to provide a uniform look.   

Most important these products are designed to provide increased safety for all consumers, not only seniors.   Transitioning from standing to sitting is one of the most strenuous and difficult tasks we do several times a day.  As we age, or for mobility impaired individuals of all ages, it helps and provides safety to have a grab bar to help transfer your weight.   The bathroom in general is one of the most dangerous places in the home, and one of the most accident prone areas of the home.   There are tens of thousands of injuries every year that require emergency room visits that occur around the toilet.  Now you can make your bathroom elegant and steeped in luxury as well as safe.  

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