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Artistico Grab Bar Combo

grab bar shelf bathroom accessoryNow Italy has brought design elegance to grab bar design.   Forever grab bars have looked institutional and sterile.   You have put time, money, and love into making your bathroom into the functional show piece of your home.   Now you can choose luxury decorative bathroom accessories that accentuate the beauty of your bathroom, not detract from it.   Italy has been known for its avant-garde consumer designs.  Now they have put their talents into designing multi-functional grab bars that are as elegant and luxurious as they are practical and functional.   

How much time do you spend in the bathroom a day?   Wouldn't it be nice if a talented industrial designer did a focus group to determine all of the various functions your bathroom serves, and design bathroom fixtures to accommodate all of your desires?   Now your dreams have come true.

First and foremost is the desire for increased safety in the bathroom.   Aging in Place, and plans for the transition for Aging in grab bar shelf bathroom accessoryPlace has made it important to design for not only today's needs, but your future safety needs.   Why not put in elegant luxurious bathroom fixtures and accessories that will serve both present and future safety and functional needs?   These grab bars are functional in supporting weight to help with mobility, transferring locations, and to prevent slips and falls.   The grab bar functionality can also double as an elegant luxury towel bar when not needed as a grab bar.  

luxury grab bar shelf bathroom accessoryThe second need is always the need for increased usable space in the bathroom.   You spend quality time in the bathroom.   Why not be able to put photos of your loved ones in the bathroom?   These grab bars have an integrated display and storage shelf in their design.   Say goodbye to cluttered sink counters.   Install a few of these beauties in strategic places for both storage and display.

These grab bars and shelves are not only useful for the bathroom, but can be placed anywhere in your house.   Place over a hallway bench to help you get up when you are done taking off, or putting your shoes on.   Please in any room in your house, laundry room, kitchen, outdoors, office, or in the family room.  

These grab bar shelf combos come in a variety of stylish colors.   Choose from a wide selection of sizes, colors, and functionalitycombo grab bar shelf bathroom options.   They are made of durable powder coated stainless steel.   Choose your colors to coordinate with the décor of your bathroom, shower, office, hallway, kids play room, or outdoors by the pool.   Available in white, black, or a unique European styled purple grey.   

luxury grab bar shelf bathroom accessory

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