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Duality™ Multifunction

Design By Intent has considered a universal view of the needs of shower and bathroom safety grab bars.   We know that a person has many needs, not just a singular need for safety, comfort, and support.   This is why great thought has gone into designing shower and bathroom grab bars that take a 360 degree view of your needs in the bathroom.   Our multi-purpose grab bars combine safety with providing handy storage mechanisms for your essentials such as toilet paper, your purse, your robe, towels, or your shirt.   How frustrating is it when you get out of the shower and realize you forgot to bring a towel.   Now the towel can hang nearby, ready when you need it.   For purse carrying members of the population, we have heard the story over and over about how frustrating it can be to run to the bathroom, only to realize there is no place to put your purse except on the floor.   Our multi-functional grab bars come in our unique Ellipso style that provides enhanced grip strength through their unique elliptical design.