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 grab bar safety bathroom showerThe epitome of elegance has come to grab bar design.   Grab bars for so many years have been a round metal silver cylindrical metal tube fastened to the wall.  The best Italian industrial designers have used their talents to turn functional safety grab bars into sublime modern works of art.   The Italio Style line of grab bars provides the fusion of a variety of materials and colors, taking grab bars designs into new directions.   Whether you want to add a splash of bright colors, contemporary design statement of elegance, or a sophisticated look to your bathroom, this line has it all for you.   

Style Italio Chroma series presents a wide variety of bright colors, and colorful finishes.  

contemporary safety grab barcolor grab bar

Whatever your style goal, or your mood, whether it be fun, contemporary, art deco, modern, fanciful, or subdued, the spectrum series will provide you an array of options and choices.   Never again will grab bars be called utilitarian, or boring.  Best of all, you do not have to sacrifice functionality.   Our grab bars will provide full safety features designed to make your life safer and more comfortable.   Who said Aging in Place meant you had to let go of your desire for panache, color, and style?   Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

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