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Duality™ Shelves are your dream come true for practicality and versatility in the bathroom and shower.  The shelves combine features such as grab bars and towel holders.  Our Italian designers have even thought of the age old question of where do you put your cell phone while you are doing your daily duties?   Never again do you have to put things on the dirty floor exposing your personal items to dirt, pathogens, and bacteria.   Always have everything within reach on an attractive and functional shelf.   

Italian industrial design has always been known for its sleek, modern, contemporary designs.   Now these designs have come to the USA courtesy of Design By Intent, a woman owned business.   These products are manufactured by Ever Life Designs in Italy.   A renowned family owned company known for its avantgarde bathroom and shower accessory products.   Their design team is world renowned for developing shower and bathroom accessories that combine beauty with functionality.