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Disability Shower Seats

People with disabilities require accommodations in the shower and bathroom to help prevent debilitating slips and falls that can cause injuries.   Slippery tile surfaces combined with water are a recipe for disaster.   The addition of a wall mounted safety shower seat provides a stable surface to sit on while showering.   The addition of arms provides further safety to ease in the transition from standing to sitting and back.   Our mission is o provide not only functional shower seating, but also the most beautiful and stylish shower seating available.  

swapable.jpgWe have named this new Design By Intent shower seat product family INNOVATO because of its ground breaking innovation in both function and design.  The Innovato SwapAble collection allows for the first time non-permanent hanging of a shower seat, which can then be removed, and replaced with functional accessories such as grab bars, and towel racks.   This provides an incredible innovation in flexibility and adaptability for both residential and commercial ADA mobility impaired shower and bathroom facilities.   It also provides the ability for younger baby boomers that are in good health to plan ahead for the inevitable time in their lives when they will need shower safety products.   

The Eleganto family of handicap shower furniture for mobility impaired individuals also sets a new standard o f beauty and functional design.   The attractive white, matte, or gray wall hung shower seats can be paired with matching shower and bathroom grab bars.   This provides a design flair to bathrooms and showers designed to aid in the safety and comfort of mobility impaired individuals.   No longer do showers and bathrooms designed with the needs of ADA compliance need to look like medical showers from a hospital or health center.   Ideal for commercial uses that desire a more high end designer look and feel to their handicap bathrooms and showers.  


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