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Please use this form to register your product for warranty. We are very proud of our products and their quality, and stand behind them with our out of world class customer service and support. Please note that our products are guaranteeed against manufacturer defects in construction and materials.   The finish is not guaranteed, and will wear over time at different rates depending upon usage. You may keep your finish in the best condition by making sure to rinse off any soaps or shampoos after each use. Also using a teak cleaner periodically (1X per month) can also keep the wood oiled and clean of soaps and residues. We recommend using Watco Rejuvenate which can be purchased from Lowes, Home Depot, Or Ace Hardware, as well as online.  In addition over time you might want to consider coating the products with a coat of marine grade teak oil. Make sure after cleaning or treatment to allow 24 hours before use. Also do not use any metal brushes, only soft brushes, wash clothes or rags against the wood. Wood will age in different manner over use. If you contact us for a warranty claim at our discreition we will either send you the materials required to fix the product, or replace the product with an equivalent. Requesting pictures of the issue is not meant to challenge you, but helps us to assist you in determining the best resolution to assure your satisfaction.  

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