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Cleaning & Protection Products

Cleaning Teak Furniture

Our teak shower benches, and bathroom furniture products come with a factory finish that is water resistant. Over time this finish will wear down and begin to fade. To help preserve the longevity of your DecoTeak WoodLand Brown or EcoDecors Natural EarthyTeak finishes the following steps are recommended:

1.   After use spray the benches to make sure to remove any soap or shampoo residues.   Some soaps and shampoos contain chemicals, that if left on the shower furniture will degrade the teak wood finish.

2.   Periodically clean the benches with a neutral pH cleaner, with no harsh solvents.   We recommend our Loveable EPA Safe Choice Teak Wood shower furniture cleaner, which has been designed for this purpose.   We recommend using once per weak, or a minimum of once per month.  It is important to clean the underside of the seat, as well as the top, as soaps and shampoos can find their way to the  underside.

3.  If you notice the factory finish begin to fade we recommend using our Loveable Teak Oil.   This will both help to moisturize, clean, and provide a water resistant coating.

4.  If you do not wish to purchase products, there is a homemade formula you can utilize for cleaning.

Our CoastalVogue DriftWood and Coquina Gray finishes should be cleaned with a gentle solution of 2 tsp dish soap mixed into a gallon of warm water. Teak oil should not be used on our DriftWood and Coquina Gray finishes.

Bathroom mold and mildew:

Teak shower benches, teak shower shelves, and teak bathroom furniture do not "grow" mold.   Mold is one of the most common bacteria found in moist environments (the shower and bathroom).   The teak shower stools, and other teak products provide a surface that mold can attach and grow upon, same as your bathroom tiles, and grout.   Regular cleaning of the teak shower furniture can help prevent the growth of mold, but the cleaners and teak oil do not "kill" mold, but rather help prevent it.   If you do notice mold growth, it is not a defect of the teak, and the teak did not contain the mold.   We do not currently sell a bactericide, but you may use a homemade formula if you do notice the growth of mold.