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Contemporary Style Teak Stools

No matter your décor choice, contemporary teak bench stools from DecoTeak® can add a touch of style and functionality to any room or bathroom. Made from solid teakwood, our stools are designed for style, comfort and convenience, and are made to last.

Each of our contemporary teak bench stools and benches are colored with three coats of a unique indoor-outdoor stain that seeps deep into the woodgrain, ensuring a long-lasting sheen. But there's more to it than a beautiful look. The stain is infused with biomolecular mold, fungus and mildew inhibitors that protect both your investment and your health - a significant benefit over the more commonly used teak oil, which only adheres to the surface of the teak and provides little protection.

Our contemporary benches come in an array of styles with features such as side lift aide arms that make sitting and standing easier; nonslip leveling pads that allow you to adjust the height of each leg independently, reducing muscle strain while compensating for mild slopes in your floor's surface; and easy reach shelves.

Popular uses for these teak benches in homes or commercial spas include vanity stools; easy reach of towels, washcloths and toiletry items in bathrooms; extra seating for guests; display of décor accessories; organization and storage. Each of our contemporary teak shower benches come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a full five-year warranty.